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Electricity is available almost everywhere and so are the electrical appliances and machineries AND Decor’s surface treatment services. With processes like spray painting and precious metal plating process, Decor delicate its services to electrical industries customers whose products are distribute globally indoor or outdoor application.
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Whatever drives the world, drives Decor too! The main mode of transportation widely use in the world today are road vehicles. From trailers to passenger sedan, our customers have different requirements for a wide range of different products. Decor industries provides consistency and quality assurance to our customer with our cleaning and surface plating capability.
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Oil & Gas

Petroleum, electricity, engineering lubricants. ENERGY that powered the world also powered Decor into the Oil & Gas industries. Decor provides anti-abrasive solution and hard coatings to our customers in the Oil & Gas industries. With the aid of surface treatment, the end product is able to withstand tough weather and operating conditions.
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With the combination of medical science and precision engineering, the medical industries had produced state of the art medical equipment to solutions to serve the people of the world. In Decor, we are regarded as one the consistent surface treatment provider by our customers. The secret to consistency is that our research and development department…
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